Lifestyle Diet ” Permanent Weight Loss Without Gain It Again, Ever ! “

The word diet itself has underlying negative belief. For most people, diet is associated with a painful experience and annoying thing to do. Because they must stop to eat some of their favorite food ! That's why, weight loss seems far ...
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happiness is a choice

How To Choose Happiness In The Darkest Time

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Another Thing You Must Know About Body Language

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Well - Being is you ! Well-being is human natural state.

We are the highest and the most concious creature in this universe. Yet, somehow we get overwhelmed by our life situation and unconciously create a self-destructive pattern. Worstly, we blame the world for our self-abuse behaviour when actually we are the only one who responsible for it.

JMind site is created to get you out from destructive-abuse pattern and start to cherish your well-being. Every problem and life situation can't be solved when you are unconcious of who you really are, BEING. 

This site will help you to gain the wellness of your being. Because every life situation is highly depended on how well your being are.

Human being consist on 4 different part dimension. They are Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit. Well-being are achieved when all of it balanced into one vision and work each other.

But dysfunctional from one of them can create inner conflict then make it into self-destruct pattern while hold you back to reach your outer purpose. And you wonder why your life sucks !

Working on well-being will make every outer purpose easier. Because nothing can hold you back anymore. I don't mean that you will not face a problem, problem will always there. But you won't see it as problem again, instead see it as something to be dealt with or accepted.

No more drama, hard feeling, and life seems always get you an aid.

Well - being also mean self-mastery.

All answer is on you, the goal is you, and every achievement start within you.



Human Control Tower. The most powerful and intelligence part. The transmitter, receiver, and translater of universal energy into some forms. Have abillity to store memory, create visual image, analyze, perceive, and so on. Have branch office called subconcious mind that assist human being to live in this world automatically without concious thought.

Dysfunctional of the mind is the root of all madness in this life. Sometimes it take over you with identity or prisoned you with memory. Pretend that it was you. Enslaved you with compulsive thinking, bring your attention too much into the future and past while create a gap of anxiety and leak of your life energy. Judge and perceiving that you are separated. Create a false self that you are always in danger.

But a tool is just a mere tool. You are not your mind ! Claim that everything mind does to you is just because you choose to make it so. If you have a hard time when using your mind and act without concious choice, know that you have deep rooted thought on subconcious mind from the past. Make it concious !

Mind is a great tool when you use it correctly. But when you don't realize that you are not your mind. It will use you !




The outer part of human being. A vehicle to interact, express, and communicated in physical plane. Most solid manifested form of human life.

Body is a tool to expressed thought, idea, and emotional state into a solid form which can be clearly received by human sense. It was the final creation form of human being.

A highly functional body can create something into physical world from nothing into something. This condition is called " Action ". Body is the main part of human being to interact directly between conscious being and everything in the physical plane.

Focus on the well-ness of the body is the most popular approach because body is the most solid part of human being.  So most of people consider it a real one.

While it might be true, but ignorance about another part will still create a mess in your life.

The reason is, body and another part of human being is affected each other. Any action can produce a thought and feeling, and vice versa.

Dysfunctional of body will affected all of your life situation and any outer purpse. A weak body can't produce the same result compared with a healthy body.

Lack of nutrition, laziness, long period inactivity, consuming low - energy food, and anything which make the body weak, will make another part weak also.




A burst or vortex energy in human energy field. The result of a strong thought which first manifested in the body. A bridge between mind and body. Usually it can be felt clearly around chest and stomach. When actually energy run in all human body.

Feeling or emotion formed into some intuitive manner. The hunched feeling is when you are aware to do something but can't explain logically. A compulsive emotion can force a human being to do something unreasonable. Whether is good or bad.

Dysfunctional of feeling or emotion can make us forget and blind about everything around us. A clear and concious desicion will be hard if our attention sucked into this vortex.

Sometimes the mind will interfere and try to fix it. Unfortunately, it just make it into brain vs heart phenomenon. But, this event is just create an endless loop while make more dysfunction. Mind and Emotion will feed each other between logical - feel good problem.

Mind - Emotion connection really tight. Mind create thought or any visual circumtances which affected emotion. And emotion create a feeling which generates a new thought.

The only way to make it " Well " again is detach yourself ASAP from this endless-paradox loop.



The essence of human being. Source of life to all human part. Spirit is the most pure and clean. It was like a battery which energized mind, feeling and body function. Without spirit, it means we dead.

Sometimes it called observing mind. Spirit just observes, always there every moment. Keep flowing it life force into all part of human being.

Human spirit is always connected to everything in this universe and for all that is. Spirit is the very life itself. The who you really are.

Spirit can't be dysfunctioned. Instead, it just lose consciousness and the sense of it.

The lost consciousness is occured when mind or emotion or body dysfunctional take all of awareness and attention from the sense of spirit. The real you.

Naturally, the spirit is always in peace. Human being is always in peace and connected each other. But dysfunctional from another part of human being will becomes a thick fog while create the false you.