I create this site to share everything I learn about how human being can do.

Using any natural resources like our mind, body, heart, soul and awareness without depending on external resources too much .

It really fun to make ourselves cool. Embracing any uniqueness of our well-being. Solve it with step by step actionable guide. Not just an abstract concept.

I try my best to packages all of my content with applicable step in real world.

I fuse it with a little fashion because it help people to express themselves. Fashion is the best tool to boosted up our confidence.

I believe the more advanced we are, the more easy our life is. Everything happens in our life is highly depended by our choices.

Sometimes we forget about our potential and attached into something outside our control. When the truth is our well-being is ready to accept our order anytime we need.

So, with this site. I encourage people and all my friend who reach my site, to start using what we already have since we were born. Well-Being !

Stop searching valuable thing outside there to make your life better, you are already the best valuable gift.

Generate new ideas, use external tool you already have to improve your life, be attractive and unique, train your creativity to make the best of you. Feel free to use my mind written here to become yours.

Upgrade your well-being, and your life will start to formed like you want to live.



Esa JulianI’m an introvert who loves playing around inside my head. I love art, write something good, game online, life hack, and so on. Deep thinking and mystery really excited me. I think everything in this world can be explained.

I really good play with ideas, innovative way, create something new, and try to make my life as easy as possible.

My weakness is on action side (Damn !). Sometimes I think too much and make an easy problem complicated.

Well I learn scratch by scratch to make my weakness minimized. Maintaining balance between thinking and action seems hard to me. I do as best as I can do to get out from my head. (Too much thinking is a bad habit and just make myself stressed out. Trust me is uncomfortable).

The story began when I get really painful experience in my life. You can said it was the darkest time in my life. Everyday, I tremble in fear. Almost in over 7 month my anxiety never stop. My mind is always haunted that ” I’m gonna die tomorrow “

You can imagine how depressed I am. I can’t do anything. I give up about my life. Keep stay in my home, lazy to do anything and get my ass off.

In the mean time, my activity just playing online game and read article from google about life. I jump around from one article to another article. Read everything about self-help. Stevepavlina.com is one of big influence which change the way I believe about life.

Finally, my motivation burning out. I started to handle all anxiety and willing to change little by little. I realize it was not the world who make me in miserable. It was my own fault !

I started to believe that life is waiting for me to change the way I live. After all this happen, I get conclusion that the most important thing about our life is us. Yes us ! This universe or your universe, my universe is highly depended on how we make it.

So I learn how to treat myself better, train my self better, taking care about my health and more concerned to create my best version of myself.

It feel so good to share the result of my research until now. That’s why I create J-MIND STYLE site. And honestly, I try to make passive income from my J-MIND STYLE site too. I wish with my few words from my experience and my research, I can help people abroad while I satisfied my needs.

It more better if I can make wider connection and network with my website too. So if you have any feedback and question or just want to make friend with me, don’t hesitate to use CONTACT ME page. I will answer with pleasure.

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