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Happiness and success is the point that everyone want to achieve. Perhaps for most people, having a massive wealth and stable income is the way to bring happiness into our life. But is that true ? I often see a rich people still have a bad time in their life. While we are hoping to have a lot of money like that, the one who have it frustated with their life.

Money can help us express our happiness, Its true. Money can give us to stay in luxury hotel with beautiful view, a nice car, create some awesome event and many more happiness. Well, the truth is money just a medium to share and expressed our inner happiness.

Like I said above, even rich people still can be frustated with a massive wealth in their hand. A great disaster in our days, we put our happiness too much into money. We put ourselves down without money.

Let me tell you something, the true happiness will be achieved when you stop searching for it. Happiness is a natural state when you free yourself from anything. Its already lies within you. Nothing to do with your life situation.

Happines is private thing that can't be bothered with any circumtances if you choose to do so. Happiness is a choice, the path not a destination. You can choose to be happy even you are poor, you can choose to be happy even you are alone, you still can be happy even you are in your darkest time.

If you found yourself struggle just to be happy, the answer is inside you. The problem is on how you frame your own thinking and a massive negative self talk. You are abusing yourself with your own words inside. The chatter box become a burden instead giving you a support and make you feel motivated. Unconsciously, this self talk haunting you down endlessly make happiness seems out of your reach. And you search on external condition that will go overtime, because nothing permanent in this universe. All is flow.

The good news is, we can consciously train our happiness muscle. One way to do this, is reprogramming the chatter box inside with positive words. Fill it with gratitude and motivational words. Instead make it into an enemy, train it to become your cheerleader.

And don't expect to gain control your chatter box in overnight. Like you train your to the gym, you won't have Dwayne Johnson body in one night while you have skinny body. It need time and process, so make it into a habit.

Write down any positive affirmation you desire. Make it a short simple words like " I always feel good and better " Or " I love my life " . And then brainstorm it into your chatter box. Generate the feeling associated with the words you said inside.

Nothing can harm you than negative self-talk inside you. The self-talk will generates a feeling or thought to make you to do something. If your life is on your darkest time, pause for a bit. Stop thinking or whatever you do. Observes what happen inside you.

Watch the voice which flow endlessly in your mind. Don't try to interfere. Just listen and understand without judgement and further thinking. You will catch a lot of negative surge of self-chatter and make yourself feel bad. It's okay, feel it fully. Sooner or later, the self -talk who bring you down unconsciously will become a conscious thing.

You will realize that you are the only who talk to yourself and create suffering. Do this everytime you catch yourself feel so bad. If you aware about it, it make you easier to reprogram the self - talk in you.

Happiness will occured automatically if you are fully aware that everything is just the way you talk to your ownselves. That's why, looking for happiness into external situation which just give a temporary relief. Happiness journey is to dive in consciously straight to your fear. The fear that creates by yourself.

Acceptance and gratitude is the best formula to mix in.

So, how about your happiness muscle today ? Is it weak ? Or strong enough that life can't shake it ?

Try to read this book to improve your happiness muscle. Train yourself to consciously choose happiness in every circumtances.

Even you are in the darkest time of life, the choice to be happy is always there.






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How To Choose Happiness In The Darkest Time