10 Quick Tips To Stay Fashionable Without Much Money
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10 Quick Tips To Stay Fashionable Without Much Money
The benefit to become a fashionable person is hard to resist. You will attract lover easily, you will have a lot of friends, people really like when they are around you. More social networks means more opportunity. Make yourself a fashionable person is kind of services to others for enjoying your looks. The more fashionable you become, the more confident you will be. Enjoying life will be much easier if you already achieve that.
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Didn’t have enough money is not an obstacles to become fashionable.

My friend have great style and appearance even though he didn't have much money. He didn’t have a stable job. He still live with his own parents. He had a low-end income monthly.

But every time I meet him. He always looks cool. His outfit looks fresh and new. And what he wears is unique, different from people around me.

A lot of people seems love to be around him. He is nice and easy-going. Of course he didn’t have a hard time to attract beautiful woman.

I wonder how he do that for himself. It will be nice to feel confident without worrying how our looks like.

So I ask him and he pointed some interesting point to do. I combine it with my own research to finally make it into one tactical guide to make fashionable style without spending too much money.

Here we go :






Easy to say but hard to do for some people ( I find it hard too, buti learn to do this today ). This is the most important part you must do.

How can you expect to get your outfit if you don’t have money. So save your money. Set up your percentage of your income to be saved.  You know really well how your financial life, don’t you ?

Instead drain up your pocket for once every time you buy clothes. It better to save money regularly until you get one item you want.

It will feel so heavy if you must spending all of your money to buy it. Even though you really love those stuff !

Beside, there's a lot of benefit you can get through saving. You train yourself to always have money.

You train yourself to be patience. You improved money management skill. Train your self – discipline and so on. All the points I said will be useful for you in long-term, trust me !

Don’t worry about it. When the time goes on, slowly but surely your style will be great. You will be fashionable person as you doing it.




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If you already have it, then you must love it.

You are not rich people who can buy stuff as you want, remember ? ( Don’t get angry,  you know you will get rich sooner or later ).

So you want your outfit to keep clean and fresh. Wash it by yourself.

Know when to wash some item really help.

Every product have a different need to be washed. Too often you wash your clothes, it will make them short-lived. But if you do it rarely, it makes them dirt and not hygiene to wear. And the worst part, it smells bad.

T – shirts, underwear, and shocks is one that you need to washed daily. They are easy to become dirt and smelly because their position really close to your sweat glands, skin cells and skin oils.

The best clothes to wash it daily is the one who nears your armpits, breast and genital area.

And always make sure to keep your clothes in a warm wardrobe. Put some fragrance in there. Always wear outfit after you ironed them. Wrinkle shirts is bad.




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People’s body will be change over time. Maybe you get fatter or slimmer now. Surely you have some clothes that's don’t fit anymore.

Donates every clothes that too small for you. When I said donates, it mean the clothes that still can be used. Throw up if it not worth to wear by people. Or just use it for clean up your floor.

Donating your clothes will make other people happy and makes you feels good. Beside, it make your clothes collection to always looks new and full of valuable item.

When you can't used it, it become baggage for you. You don’t want a baggage don’t you ? But for others, it become their valuable stuff. So everyone's happy.

On the other side, if the size are too big for you. Just go to tailor, make it to fit into your body again. So it wouldn’t be wasted or become baggage in your collection.

The mental effect of doing this will makes you loves to add more fresh and cool outfit. You will be motivated to improve your income, make a new fashion collection, and become fashionable in every way.




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Sometimes you must let go what you want for what you need.

Consider this, say you find an interesting t-shirt in online shop. But you know you just have a couple of jeans to wear.

Then I suggest you prioritize to buy jeans first. You know jeans is more expensive than a t-shirt. Save your money and hold the temptation to buy those T - Shirt.

This is a condition where you must think. Think for a long-term ! If you buy that t-shirts, your jeans collection will be stuck right they all now. There aren't much choices for your pants.

What if you get to go for some events but your best pants is still wet ? And getting a new jeans still on a long way considering your situation.

So choose wisely. It not hurts to wait. You will get both of them anyway. The only thing required here is PATIENCE. Be patience with yourself.




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There is a great advantage of doing this. If you know some basic fabrics and know where to get them. You can get same item like well-known products far cheaper than the original one.

The trick is, see what type of fabrics on your favorite brand. And then get those fabrics, take it to a good tailor around you. And make it exactly like your favorite brand.

If those item have design art, you can search that artwork at google. Then go to digital printing service around your place. Print those art to your clothes.

Well, I know this is not original stuff. But hey, you can get a similar items with really low prices. Still fashionable I guess.





Theres a lot of choice to get you looks fashionable. Stuck with one brand will make your world small. Beside it doesn’t matter right ? As long as your outfit looks great on you.

Even it just a cheap product, people wont care. It just a society condition which tell you to focus on one brand only.

Sometimes people will force themselves to wear a brand even those item not suitable for them. So be careful on this. Forcing something will make you uncomfortable.





Some event required a special outfit to wear. You want to looks special for specific events.

If you wear everything you have in daily, you show a monotone impression to others. And you will feel shallow, because nothing change. It just like usual day.

Keep some outfit you consider are “ King of your style “ for important event only. Not only you will feel special on those day, but it makes yourself becomes a memorable person on others mind.

A great event is a great memories. So give yourself and people around you an awesome memories.





Online shop will help you to get a lot of products cheaper than clothing stores. You will find that some item on online shop is anti-mainstream.

If you buy items from usual store, there's a big chance someone in your area bought it too. It really funny when you meet people on the street wear outfit as you does.

So getting item from online shop makes you a bit different from your society. You want to be unique fashionable person right ? Online shop is the best choice to makes your fashion collection to have different variation.

But you must be careful and choose seller wisely. Before you decide to buy an item from a seller. Makes sure it is a trusted seller.

See how many people buy item from them. Research on their feedback, is it good or bad ? Try to contact the customer service or seller service to see how they respond if a problem occurred.

Know how they will deliver your order. How many days required the product get in your hand. The only weakness from online shopping is, it need time to get your wanted item after you transferred your money.

But it will be worth it.




Theres a lot of store or online shop ( like Aliexpress ) willing to offers big discounts from season to season. This is where you must aim. You want to minimize spending your cash to get a good quality item.

Learn what the big markets are doing. They will compete each others to attract their consumer to buy their stuff.

Be smart and take every opportunity which arise in front of you. What you want to do is to keep saving your money until those deals comes out. Be patience ! They will and surely makes a good offers for their customer.

Don’t buy stuff when those products is on their high demand. It will be more expensive than usual.

So hold yourself for temptation to follow society trends when they are willing to buy an expensive stuff to impress others people.

Once again be smart ! Unless you already have a lot of money.




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Accessories is a great booster for your style. Buy a good quality accessories which can last about 1 – 2 years above before you start to buy another clothes.

Why ? because you don’t need to change your accessories from day-to-day. Investing your money for that will makes you more fashionable for a long run.

Watches, necklaces, bracelet or whatever accessories you loves must be prioritized before anything else.




For a starter, it seems a long journey to take. But time doesn’t matter, you will become a fashionable person as you do it.

The benefit to become a fashionable person is hard to resist. You will attract lover easily, you will have a lot of friends, people really like when they are around you. More social networks means more opportunity.

Make yourself a fashionable person is kind of services to others for enjoying your looks. The more fashionable you become, the more confident you will be. Enjoying life will be much easier if you already achieve that.

Being popular is not that bad huh ?










10 Quick Tips To Stay Fashionable Without Much Money

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