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The word diet itself has underlying negative belief. For most people, diet is associated with a painful experience and annoying thing to do. Because they must stop to eat some of their favorite food ! That's why, weight loss seems far from reach and just like wind that blow pass through the ear.

So the first thing you must realize when you want to lose weight, you must change your lifestyle. Lifestyle changes will stay forever and the hard work you do won't be useless. Say, you decide to lose your weight and starting to diet. On the first week, you made it like the plan. After that, you found a junk food to eat. The temptation is hard to resist. Well, you think if it just once, it won't hurt. You blow off your diet, because you always think like that in the next day. Sounds familiar ?

Even you made it and lose weight drastically. It just the matter of time your weight kicked in again if you can hold your diet. So what should be change ? What should be done ? It's on your lifestyle. Don't aim to do a diet program, instead change your overall lifestyle.

Lifestyle changing will make you get used to live healthy without resistance about avoiding your favorite food. Because the healthy food is already your favorite food ! That's why a lot of people fail to continue their diet in their entire life. Too much resistance in their diet program. The weight loss come back again after so much hard work.

Don't aim to lose weight from diet. Aim to change your lifestyle ! Make a healthy life into your habit. A Normal thing to do. Not something to torture you.




If you found yourself have an obsessive weight and not confidence about it, start to change your lifestyle now ! Reconstruct your eating habit is the first necessary step to do.

Create an eating plan in a journal. One of the key factor to lose your weight forever is a conscious accountable plan. Such what to eat in the morning, how much I should eat each day, what are affordable food I can get ASAP. Brainstrom all schedule to your paper so you will know what to do.

Keep attention on your progress then write it down again. If you starting to work out, make sure you do it like on your schedule. It train your self - dicipline too.


So what you should eat now to change bad eating habit ? This is some basic rule :

  • Eat 400 calories meals per day
  • Consume monosaturated fats in every meals
  • Choose high protein foods
  • Eat Slowly
  • Get vegetables always
  • Never skip a meal
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Always eat on a plate
  • Eat more natural unprocessed food
  • Minimize consuming carbs


And here is the list some of best food :


  • Raw nuts
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Avocado
  • Berries
  • Sweet potato
  • Grape Fruit
  • Orange
  • Broccoli
  • Almonds
  • Mushroom
  • Etc... Check out here for more information about food




  • Never lose a breakfast. Drink 2 -3 glass of water before. Breakfast is sources of energy for all day. Ignoring breakfast will makes you lazy to do anything in the first place. There's a chance you lose a productive days too. A couple bread with eggs, salad, a glass of high protein milk, and another of fruit if you wish is good enough for breakfast.


  • Lunch is your main dish. Diet doesn't mean you are stop eating instead filtering out what you eat. The lunch is when you eat until your stomach slightly full. The purpose of lunch is to eat high nutrition food with low carbs. Still you need carbs too, to maintain your energy. The portion should be enough to stay productive. Salmon, mushroom, ground turkey, lean ground beef, sweet potatoes, plain oatmeal is good choice for lunch.


  • Get fruits as your dessert. Fruit contain a high variation of vitamin and water. Making fruits as dessert into habit will satisfied body needs for water. So the function of body will run smoothly in your daily life and never experience dehydration. Human body contain around 70% of water, remember ?


  • Avoid junk food at all cost. Junk food is a junk. It just offer a good taste with low nutrition. When you love to eat junk food daily, there is no room for high nutrition food in your stomach. No wonder, getting a healthy body is hard to do. It just make you fat. There's nothing wrong to eat it once. But don't turn it into your lifestyle.


  • Eating in the night is not a problem when you eat breakfast and lunch right according to your diet plan. What you want to avoid is eating just before you go to bed. Because that time, the body is more likely store the food as weight gain instead of energy. Dinner is still tolerable as long as the calories is low. Well, if you insist to not eating at night that great. Then focus on the quality of breakfast, eat and drink healthy throughout the day, so your night time is not a starvation game. The best food to eat at night are : Brownies ( no-bake brownies ), Salted carrot chips, ice cream,




There's no other way to burn fat faster than workout. While changing eating habit maintain the supply that body needs into a good one, workout changing the old unwanted fat into muscle. The muscle which grow from what we eat. No matter how hard you workout, if you don't consider about your eating lifestyle, the muscle still hard to grow and perhaps the fat will comeback. You make a conflict.

Let me tell you something, you are not build muscle when you workout. Instead, workout destroy it. The new muscle come from the food. If you didn't working out, there is no room for the new nutrition.

So if you really want to lose fat, you must commit to yourself that workout is part of your lifestyle, no more laziness. And of course it will be painful at first because our body is wired into the fat that we bring daily. Our body will resisted as best as it can to stay like that. It doesn't want to lose the familiar " Fat " in you.

That's why beginner will face the " painful state " when they just started. Most of people avoiding this " painful state " and make them lazy to continue their workout plan. Actually the " painful state " after the first workout or next one is a sign that the fat is burned out which is good !  The " painful state " occured just because the body didn't get used to it, yet ! It only matter of time, the body start to adopt this " painful state " then make it into a " fresh state " after the work out.

Perhaps you will get addicted to workout for weight loss and start to push your limitation every time you train. The fresh state after workout really feels good. You wouldn't resisted the pain anymore instead enjoying it.




The one key factor to have a success weight loss is accountability. You can't expect to lose weight like you wanted if you just randomly working out without knowing what to do. A proper plan will produce a proper result. When make it workout as a lifestyle, you will do it daily as a routine and you don't want your lifestyle is a mess.

The best way to make a clear plan is write it into some journal. What you should write ? Here the thing you might consider :


Schedule for gym workout


The best way to workout is focus one muscle for each day and resting on the next day. Resting one day is an important part of work out. That time is required for the muscle to regenerate into the new one. So you don't need to push yourself to hard and stay longer during the workout. Focus and intensity matter.

For example :

  • Monday ( Chest / Triseps )
  • Wednesday ( Back / Biseps )
  • Friday ( Shoulder )
  • Saturday ( Legs )


The Circuit Exercise For Each Muscle


Each muscle have different variation exercise. The book above mentioned an example for complete circuit exercise. Knowing the right posture is important to avoid injury. The most common exercise is doing 8-12 repetition each set with total 4 set. You must commit to complete each set with right posture. Don't try to lift weight heavier if you can't finish the set. Be patience with yourself. You know you will lose weight. Start small untill your body get used to it and no longer feel the pain. Procced into the heavier one if you done with the previous one.

Download the book for detailed explanation about circuit exercise.


Writing Down The Workout Progress


See how much you lose weight overtime. What exercise need your attention most. If needed, compare it with your pic last month. Is there any change in your body ? This plan is work for you ? Write it down completely in your journal with your own language.

This kind of action will boost your confidence greatly and make your more motivated to workout more. Beside you will need a new plan after going this far to make your workout more interesting and growth. You don't want to stay stuck in the same program right ? Don't expect to gain a different result if you just doing the same thing over and over again. Improve it, make your own plan because you already know the basic.




What are you waiting for ? Every knowledge here wouldn't make your body get in shape if you are not doing it. Stop wasting time and start to do all of your plan immediately without further thinking. Sign up to one best gym in your city and keep your motivation high.

Stick to one program until you get done. Lifestyle diet will make your fat gone forever. So never expect the result on overnight. Just step out and start to workout. The result will fall into hands.




Lose weight doesnt mean you must go to the gym. There are more cheap and easier way to lose weight. Especially for people who just get started, sometimes procrastination kicked in before going to the gym and ruined the lifestyle diet program.

In this case, you should take smaller step before going further. Then, improve it on the way. You will likely be more motivated and automatically going to adopt a lifestyle diet in easier way. I face laziness and procastination a lot. And it just dissapear when I do it immediately. So, don't give yourself time to think.

Another option to started your lifestyle diet is make a simple sport becomes your daily routines. Here a few example of what you can do beside going to the gym :



Going for a walk in leisure time will make your body stay healthy. Walking everyday is a good starter. You will meet new people, enjoying the view around the city like you never before ( Because youre busy with your life ), taking a fresh air, and many more benefit. Read Timeless Benefit Of Walking Fitness to make your walking life more awesome.



The best time to do jogging is in the morning till the afternoon. This way you will enjoy the sun and get a free vitamin D. Jogging / Running slowly increase stamina while reducing the stress level. It will improve eating habit too. Jogging / Running keep the heart stay in shape then make blood circulation run smoothly.



Supposed you didn't have time to do sport outside and have a super busy life, doing a simple sport before you sleep or after wake up still effective to make you stay fit. There are some easy movement you can do. For example :


All of those movement stretch the muscle and still burn the fat if you doing it right. So don't underestimate it. It still make your body have a painful experience which is an indicator that the fat starting to burn.



Sport game is one of the most favorite thing to do. It's fun, challenging, likeable, while keep body healthy and fresh. If there's any chance to get involved go for it immediately. You will learn a lot from it. Teamwork, strategy and execute it, communication skill in fast paced situation, concentration, durabillity, and many more. Here some example of favorite sport game you can choose :

  • ETC....




There are the way to create a healthy life style for you. All of them is easy when you start to do it. You just choose what might best to you and suitable for your situation right now. Stop looking for excuse and start to adopt this lifestyle diet to lose your weight wherever you are now.

If you don't know where to start, download the book on the side of this article. Lifestyle diet consist of 7 pdf that will assist you through your journey into a healthy lifestyle and eliminate the fat fast without gaining back again in the future. You don't need to create a program plan and stuck in there. The book already make it for you. You just follow what written there while saving your time and focus on executing the program. If you don't do it now, when ?




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