How To Move Like Fashion Models With Body Language
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How To Move Like Fashion Models With Body Language
Body language is kind of communication with other human in different level. Our body are great transmitter and receiver to translate human state. Sometime, we understand or get the feeling about something from other person without hear a single word. That is the result of body language. In this article, i embrace you to conciously train your body language into a healthy and cool one. Because a bad posture will affect your general mood, health, communicating skill, and another bad habit without realising it. So i presented to you, body language makeover article ! The most important yet a forgotten one aspect in your life. Upgrade your well-being and communicated with people on different level.
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Body language is one important thing you must improve in fashion world. Unlike outer fashion who last for a short time, your body will stay with you for entire life.

The way you move, sit, stand up posture have great effect to your whole character and how you think / feel in your daily life. Beside, it send the message of who you really are.

Just try this, slouch your body whole day. Not only you will feel weak, other people will considered you as a loser. Even you wore such a cool outfit !

Now stand straight, bump up your chest a bit. You will feel more confidence, fresh, always ready to do some inspired action. Even you just wear common clothes, your body language will make you feel awesome in every way.


Bad posture in daily day will cause back pain feeling and spinal injuries. Take care your body language


Body language have a great effect for people around you. They will respect you more, treat you good, or inspired by everything you do. Your presence will be recognized easily.

This is why almost all people work out to keep their body in shape. They work to losing their weight, taking care of it health, cleanliness, and so on. Because body really such valuable asset.

But I wont talk about that in this article.

What I want to explain is about how you use your body in your daily life. Like how you sit, the right posture when you stand up, the way you walk, and when you are in social interaction.

Bad habit from all those point will affected your overall confidence, body health, vibe, and social life !

Don’t believe me ? Just compare people who always do some routine exercise with people who sit and sleep all day. You will get the feeling when you see them side by side.



Human communication divided into 2 form of communication. 25% verbal communication and 75 % non – verbal communication. The way you move, sit, stand up, hand gesture, and other movement is kind like an expression of who you are.


Body language can express what you think and your character


Same like why you use and buy fashion clothes. You want to looks cool, feel confidence, and attract more friends or people.

Body Language does the same. Its kind like expressing our habit, what we think about current situation, and our emotional states.

Our body doesn’t lie. We might say something different but our body have some indicator which can be read by some expert.

Actually we can recognize it with a little practice. But most of the people choose to ignore it.

Perhaps what we aware is we communicate through our speech, language or conversation. Actually, our body communicated too. Gently and subtly, send message to other people in subconscious level.

This is why sometimes, you know something wrong and kinda have a bad feeling to people without talking or knowing them. That’s the result of non-verbal communication.

Knowing this fact, I learn to fix how  to use my body in my daily life.

And this is what you can do to make body language as weapon to expressing your lifestyle.




Have you seen famous people like Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Liam Nelson, Steve Rogers ( Captain America ) or other cool manly actor moves ? They are some example of the best body language.

Their body expressing a manly message to make women crazy. How they sit, talk, and smile, is well-trained ( or maybe natural ) to makes their presence bigger wherever they are.

That's what I mean how body language can boost up confidence and overall of your style. Lets start !






Right Standing Posture



Stand up straight. Make your back bone like a pillar which hold your body. This will make your chest bump a bit.

Do it everyday so it become your habit. Your goal is comfortable and relax in this position.

Display and open your chest widely. Spread your feet little wider than your shoulder. Put your hand relaxed on your side, or put them well rested behind your back.

If you want to put them in your pocket, show thumbs at the top of pocket. It show confidence and little cockiness.

Take wider space where you stand. Exercise it daily and always relaxing your body when you exercise. Straighten up your knees. Keep your head look straight, not bowed or looking up to the sky.




Awesome Sit Body Language


Take a wider space enough for you to relax. Spread your legs to show you are comfortable with your sexuality ( or put one ankle leg into knee on another leg ). Put hand on the side chair, or put it in your tight rested. Keep your backbone straighten and stretched.





Man walk with smile is more attractive than tight face



Walking is a harder one to change, because often we unconsciously put our attention on how we walk. But as to make over body language style, we should exercise and fix the right posture.

Keep your face and eyes looks straight with purpose. Stay straighten the backbones, start with your heels every step you take.

Slow the movement a bit. Stretch your shoulder wider and relaxed. Stay presence and keep attention in front of you.





Using hand gesture make conversation make more understandable


Keep eye contact, because you never afraid to have conversation with everyone. Smile often. Use hand gesture if needed when you tell story. Put attention on people you talking to. Understand your partner, talk less listen more.

If you hold something in your hand, put your hand relaxed on your side. Stand straight, lean forward if conversation getting more interesting only. Lower your voice tone, make it clear and understandable. Talk slowly, enjoy every conversation.




  • Hunched ! Most men in this world hunched their body when they get relaxed. Because is already become their comfort zone. Hunched body is a result what we do on our daily life. Like stay in front of computer for a long time, watching tv, read a book, and so on. We subconsciously hunch our body and it become habit to hunch it everywhere we go. Not only it makes you looks weak, you make yourself lazy to do something and it really bad for your backbone health.


hunched drain more energy than straight backbone.


  • Put your hand in a pocket and you are hiding something. Whether is insecurity or something suspicious.


Hand in pocket give suspicious air even you have nice appereance


  • Cross over your hand in front of your chest show that you are protecting yourself from other people and afraid of being attacked. It repel people really good. Crossing over your hand in front of your chest is like acting like a tough man but you are scared inside.



Crossing hand is like protecting yourself. Sign that something danger



  • Never put your legs crossing each other when sit like women, it show you are a submissive man. This position is just for ladies.


Crossing legs for men isnt sexy as lady


  • Holding something in front of your chest while have a conversation is same like crossing over your hand. It sign of insecurity.


Same like crossing hand, you feel threatened.


  • Leaning forward at first conversation makes you look like a needy. Just hold your space, and invade other space with manner. So they will feel comfortable close to you. Make a first move.


Im scared if someone talk to me like this


  • Looking down or up when walking. Gloomy aura and arrogance aura. Confidence is different from arrogance. If you compare yourself with others, that the sign you are not confidence.


looking down show you are sad


  • Fast walking without purpose. Are you shy or something ? Nervous perhaps ? Fast walking is just for busy people.


Be easy my friend. Enjoy your fresh walking


  • Avoiding eye contact. Where the hell you look at ? It wasn't just lack of manner, you either not interesting on conversation or fear something. Auto rejecting people.


Too much insecurity to look at you !





What professional model taught in their lesson ? How to choose expensive brand ? How to get an awesome clothes ? No ! they are taught how to walk, how to smile, making a great pose and so on. All of them make their body as valuable fashion asset that will last for entire life.






gorgeous woman stand up posture. Beautiful and confidence.


Almost same like men body language. Women need to straight their backbone ( for healthy body ) and a little pump in the chest. It makes you more sexy and attractive.

Relax your hand on your side. Make sure your feet is same like your shoulder width. Bent knees a little bit with your shoulder fall backward.




stylish sit. man will seduced when you look women sit like this


Again sit up straight ( This is really good for your back health ). Keep your feet on the ground, put knees together. Cross leg on the ankle. Your hands must be relaxed on your side rested in the chair holder or beside your hips. Open up your palm. Or simply fold your hand in your laps.




Sexy young woman walking full of confidence. See her body language ? Model daily life movement is like that


How about walk like a model in your daily life ? If you train it correctly your confidence will boosted up really great.

First, keep your chin straight ahead. Slightly down a bit to keep you relaxed. Your eyes must be look in line with your face. Makes your lips closed naturally.

Second, keep your hand relaxed at your side. Let it swing naturally when you walk.

Third, step with one foot in front of other. Configure the distance where you land your foot. Make it a long stride. It will naturally make your hips move.




Smiling makes everyone feels good


Be kind. None like arrogance and bad mouth women. The charm of women is on her smile. Smile a lot to people around you. Make eye contact so you connected with others more deeply. Keep your hand relaxed and focus to conversation. Make a gesture if needed, it show you really interested on the topic.




  • Slouched your body. Maybe it seems to make you more relaxed but actually it's not. It takes more muscle and energy when you are slouched. Slouched body show that you have a boring life and have no passion. Not only it affect how you feel, it affected your overall body health too.


Woman with impaired posture position defect scoliosis and ideal bearing.


  • Play around with your hand. It makes your presence weak and self-conscious. Your mind is in another world, or you are being nervous when you do this. So hold the temptation to moves your hand without important purpose.


Family Eating Together Cartoon Character Parents are Busy with Their Gadgets and Sullen Boy with Head on Hand Vector Illustration


  • Move hips intentionally and over doing it. Ah an attention seeker always doing this. You don't need attention from other. Because you already the center of attention remember ( Train your mind, always think and feel like this ).


Sexy young woman walking along the road and looking over the shoulder


  • Crossing your legs / hands. You closed yourself to everyone around you. It really a good signal of insecurity. Make sure you open up yourself, you will be fine. Trust me. If you want to cross your legs, make sure it's on the ankle.


Two angry women. Two angry women looking at each other over shoulder and holding their arms crossed while isolated on white


  • Speak fast without a break. I seen this a lot. Dont expect to people understand when you're talking nonstop. Enjoy conversation slowly.


Young woman shouting


  • Gadget geek. Just stop to play around with your thing when having a conversation with someone else.


Young girl juggling electronic devices / editable flat vector illustration


  • Looking down or up when walking. You think about something ? Your mind wandered wild when you do this. ( Like myself I guess ). Not only it will kills your confidence and ignoring all around you. There's a chance you get an accident. Hit the wall, hit people ( sometimes is good opportunity to meet new friends ), step into stone or another bad circumstances.


young girl walking down the country road





For very first time, it will awkward as hell. Your body will be resisted to create new posture and movement for you. But surely it get easier when you do it consistently.

The benefit of using body language, it will improve your overall body health and overall confidence. Good posture comes the great mind.

Maybe it will take a bit time to invest. But your body will get used to it. Do it everyday, you will realize that you have positive body language in the next level. And see how your social life get increased.

Sooner or later you don't need even think about it. It just your usual day, to move like a model.

The best part is " Your body stay with you for your entire life " .





Master Human Psychology By Reading The Way People Behave With Their Bodies

How To Move Like Fashion Models With Body Language

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