Here is How to be Sexy When You Only Wore A Simple Sexy T-shirt
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Here is How to be Sexy When You Only Wore A Simple Sexy T-shirt
Not only girls who loves to appear sexy. Men without doubt loves it too. The problem is, not every man get the right idea. Well, don't you know, just wear a simple sexy t-shirt is powerful enough to make your chill day become sexy as hell.
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Not only girls who loves to appear sexy. Men without doubt loves it too. The problem is, not every man get the right idea. Some men trying too hard to change his appearance as sexy as possible, when it just make them become needy guys. It surely kill his sexy state. Well, don't you know, just wear a simple sexy t-shirt is powerful enough to make your chill day become sexy as hell.


Here's how to get it right :




Fit is everything. No matter good and expensive your sexy t-shirt, it wont do any good if it out of your size.

Too loose, make you look like a nerd guy who don't care about his own looks.

Too tight, you're trying too hard to show off your body and makes yourself uncomfortable.

What's the point wearing something which make you worry about your own look and losing the joy in social situation ?

The most important thing you must know is : " Your appearance is determined by how you use sexy t-shirt to express who you are. Not depended too much on the clothes itself. "

So choose the comfortable size and fit to your body.

Are you a muscular body type ? Great, wear a sexy t-shirt that show your muscle a bit.



Oh, so you're a skinny guy ? Worry not, choose a tight size t-shirt then combine it with your favorite accessories.

Fat guy ? A bit loose sexy t-shirt will cover your stomach ( Yeah stomach !! ) And a fat guy changed into a big guy.

Simple Sexy Outfit


Try this,  you will not have any excuse to worried about how your looks again. Just enjoy your day.




Every color you choose to wear, can express your mood to people around you subconsciously.

For men, a well-chosen t-shirt color can boost your current mood and affected people around you.

Here are some example colors to boost up your inner sexiness.



Red T-shirt


Use red sexy t-shirt when you feel motivated and full of passion. Red can help you to express your passionate feeling with a bit of aggressive manner.

You make an impression that you're in a mood to do inspired action.

If your mood and the colors congruent. It will make your day full of energy.

Beside, red show that you have a burning sexual passion. it's so sexy.







Almost every men in this earth love to wear black. The reason ? Because it looks cool, manly, mysterious, and elegant. Black is a good choice when your confidence is on its peak.

Wearing a black sexy t-shirt gives you a powerful yet mysterious air around you.

Black makes your impression that you have authority and power. Which is one of men sexiness factor.





You are a quite and calm person ? Blue matched perfectly with you. Wear a blue sexy t-shirt show that you're in a calm state with friendly manner.

A blue sexy t-shirt make impression that you're a trusted and responsible person. It tell other people to feel safe and comfortable around you.




White Sexy T-shirt


White is a symbol of peace and purity. Wearing a white sexy t-shirt color create the air around you feel like full of peace.

When your mood in state of peace while confident enough that nothing can harm you, use a white sexy t-shirt.

You expressing yourself that you are a kind, innocence, and open to all people. People won't feel threaten when they talk to you.

People these day have a lot of irrational fear to talk to strangers. ( I'm work on it too ).

Choose a color wisely and matched it with your mood. Color really have great psychological effect for human. It communicate well in subconcious level. Use it for your advantages.


Best Sexy T-Shirt Fabrics




Time to choose the best fabric. To choose the best fabric for you is to know the climate and the weather in the place you live.

If you live in a hot one. Choose a lighter, breathable, and brighter colors.

Dark color absorb more light, bright color reflect more light.

If you live in a cold one. Choose a heavier and warmth cloth, but keepit breathable.

Some fabric that usually used for a good T - Shirt are:


Combed Cotton


Very smooth cotton type which made by a special process before went into the loom machine.




A cotton type made from bamboo which processed into a new fibers. This fibers are comfortable for skin when worn. Also anti-bacterial, anti-mite, smoother, softer than cotton and has a high level of durability.




Jersey is a fabric made from cotton fiber mixed with synthetic fiber. Those fabric really warm, flexible, elastic and prevent people body's heat goes out.




Also called viscose. Rayon is a man-made fiber made out of wood pulp. It fell smooth to the touch but it wrinkles easily.

For more detail information about fabric, this site might be useful for you :


How to Choose the Best Material for a T-Shirt


T - Shirt Design


Choose a nice, elegant, and cool design matched with your personality and passion.

A simpler design might be best for a sexy t-shirt. Because too much artwork will distract people from you.

1 pattern design, 2 tone of color, a symbol of branded t - shirt, or 2 line of text with a simple font looks better and sexy. Better than a T - Shirt which have much picture or artwork.




The goal to wear a sexy t-shirt here is to express your inner sexiness.

So when you wear something a bit fancy. It will distracted people attention to your clothes, not you.

Dont let your clothes robbed your expression 😉

But if you really like many artwork in your T - shirt. Then go ahead. Nothing wrong with that.

Like I said, if it matched with your personality and passion, you still on the right track. For some people it still a cool stuff you know.


Wear Watches




The best accessories and manly way to add into your style. For some men, wearing a watch is a must. Without it, they feels empty. They said " Watches can make us feel more classy, elegant and of course more confident " .

These day, the main reason people buy watches only for accessories purpose. Just to looks better.

Sometimes even those watches is already dead, they still wore it. ( I used to be like that too, looks cool more important than the function lol ).

Watches is the best option to combine with a simple sexy t-shirt. Your style will be looks elegant and classy even you just wear a T - Shirt .





Some people really get the wrong idea about how to make themselves looks better.

They think that the more expensive and the more famous brand they wore, the more it will boost up their confidence. It's not always like that.

Have you ever seen someone who wore a simple sexy t-shirt yet he looks attractive as hell ?

That is the result of a matched personality, mood, and the clothes he wore.

So get an affordable t-shirt,figure out how it matched with your character and personality.

Combine it with the best accessories and pants you have. Use your sexy  t-shirt to express your inner sexiness.


Useful video tips to look awesome wearing a T - shirt from Alpha M.


How To Look AWESOME In A T-Shirt | 5 Secret T-Shirt Tips To Look STUDLY



To download his video click here  : How To Look Awesome Wearing A T - Shirt From Alpha M







Here is How to be Sexy When You Only Wore A Simple Sexy T-shirt

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