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Making friends may come naturally. But for someone, it might be difficult even to say hello. This is especially if you are shy and didn't have enough courage to connect with people. Don’t worry, this book will help you through this.

In a nutshell, simplest ways to make friends is this :

  • Put yourself out there. If you want to make friends, first you need to get out of from home or comfort zone. You will never going to have the opportunity to meet new people, when you sit all day on your comfortable sofa. So switch off the idiot box, get off the couch, put on something nice ( Check my article about looks here ) and start meeting people!
  • Join a social activity. ( Like I said in my strategy here ).  For example, if you have always been interested in dancing,  join a dance class. You will be able to meet people there who have common interest.
  • Thirdly join team sports. You don’t have to be good to join a team. Just join without any further thinking, you will know how to do automatically if you already join. Also, it keep your body on top condition, you are also having an amazing bonding session with your team mates!
  • Fourthly, become a volunter! Volunteering is a great way to meet new people while working towards good purpose. By working together with other people, you may meet others who have a passion for the things that you care about too. So what are you waiting for?
  • Lastly, when meeting new people, be a good listener. When somebody is telling you their story, don’t try and think about what you want to say instead hear their story attentively. Listen carefully when the person is talking and don’t interrupt them. Remember all the important details about them and ask questions about their interests. You will come across as a good listener which is an extremely sought after quality of a good friend.


So what are you waiting for, try these few steps yourself and start making friends!

There is further strategy and knowledge to be consumed on the book. It will make your pocket full and ready to make friends anytime you wish. Beside, the benefit will stay permanently for long-term use. This is what I said about human natural gift. If some knowledge implemented and absorbed well, it run automatically without conscious effort anymore. One action can last forever !

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Simplest Ways to Make Friends Anytime and Anywhere With BEFRIENDER