Most Effective Guide To Create Your Own Trend And Become a Trendsetter
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Most Effective Guide To Create Your Own Trend And Become a Trendsetter
Fashion world growth in unimaginable speed. Every second the trend will change. It feel tiresome if we always follow them. Because trend will always growth or sometimes back to the past. How about if we build our own trend ? It will be more fun and interesting to try. Isn't that feel good if we can make people follow our style instead become a follower ? If someone can start his/her own trend, we can do it too. Are you ready for that ? Or you want stay in the follower side ? Its your choice !
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There are 2 kind of people in this world.

People who feels good when their style match with current trend.

On the other side, there are people who loves to explore and challenges their creativity to become a trendsetter.

Dont you know ? Every fashion trend happened in human history start from someone idea ?

Now, fashion world start to growth in unimaginable speed. A lot of new unique products unleashed and introduced every second.

Some of them becomes dead, some of them just had a standard result like usual. Few of them have a great success and consumed by society.

This is why I encourage you, who have passion about fashion world. Start your own experiment to create a fresh, new trends.

Maybe you can get a successful career and become a famous trendsetter. Who knows right ? Beside, we really need creative people to give more contribution on fashion world.

The question is, Are you willing to make it ?

When you decide to make a new trends by your own, This is one most important thing you must know :


Trend is recycle !


Every concept, every new product today. Will never far away from old trend.

Human body is just it is. The clothes, pants, jacket and all products never change too far from old trend.

So what is the difference and how to make something new ? It's on the sew, pattern, design, and fabric. This is the place you must explore.

Mix every point from old trend with another popular trend in other years. Trace back to 10 - 100 years ago. Watch and keep attention what kind of trend in those age. Ask to yourself, why it become so popular ?

How they wear their clothes ? How their hairstyle looks like ? What kind of dress they use ? When they use a casual style ? And What kind of their casual style looks like ?

Then, compare it to another age where the trend started to change. Find some unique point between them. Try to mix, experiment, all of that point as you please.

Here are a short insight of fashion trends from years to years :

70s Fashion Trends



Polyester was the material of choice and bright colors were everywhere. Men and women alike were wearing very tight-fitting pants and platform shoes. By 1973, most women were wearing high cut boots and low-cut pants.

Early 1970s fashion was a fun era. It culminated some of the best elements of the 60s and perfected and/or exaggerated them. Some of the best clothing produced in the 1970s perfectly blended the mods with the hippies.

Check out this site for more understanding about 1970 trend.


80s Fashion Trends


In the 1980s, fashion was influenced by the western economic boom. Youth culture stopped hogging the scene as the teenage market lost impetus.

1980s style with its juxtaposition of trends, variety and influences created a unique legacy of fashion and anti-fashion. It is emerging as an era of sought-after vintage for its unique characteristics and lasting impact.

Some might say no era is as equally well-loved and reviled, fashion-wise, as the period from 1980 to 1989. It was a time filled with leg warmers, high-cut spandex, Alexis Carrington-endorsed sequins, and (of course) lots and lots of neon.

Some might say no era is as equally well-loved and reviled, fashion-wise, as the period from 1980 to 1989. It was a time filled with leg warmers, high-cut spandex, Alexis Carrington-endorsed sequins, and (of course) lots and lots of neon.

Read more: and


90s Fashion Trends



Fashion in the early 1990s was generally loose-fitting and colorful. Unless you were going for the grunge look, then color was the enemy.

1990s right now means a bit of Britpop (trackie tops, androgyny, vintage), a smidgen of R&B (those high-waisted jeans, dungarees) and a whole lot of grunge (slip dresses and cardigans).

More info on : and


2000s Fashion Trends


The fashion in the 2000’s is often referred to as a ‘mash up’ of trends. Trends saw the fusion of previous styles, as well as global and ethnic clothing.

Fashion designers  recycled already existing high-end fashion styles from the past decades and continued the minimalist look of the 1990s in a more polished way.

Useful site to explore more deep about 2016 trends click and


Time To Mix The Fashion trends



Can you spot the difference between them ? You got the idea right ?

Say, you want to mix a shirt in 1980. Try to change design, minimize it size, what will you get if you sew it with another fabrics. Try to create your own pattern.

You can do a lot of thing with just one clothes. Just use your creativity to modificate what already done. Keep all interesting point which catch your eyes. Try to mix it with current trend and make it into your own.

After that, find some trends in another years for your pants. Explore it again like you do to your shirt.

You don't need to know all detail about the trends from those years. Just see the big picture how those trends becomes in and how they started to fade.

If you already understand about that. Then continue to watch your current trends now. Theres a lot of resources to learn. A quick sample way to know what fashion world is going is this :


  • Folow Your Favorite Celebrity News : Trends are easy to famous when it started from a famous person. They are lucky enough to experiment a new fashion and makes a lot people follow their trends blindly. Take advantages from that ! But don't be a copy cat. Instead, use for your trends experiment. Take some points that catch your eyes from them.


  • See What is Going on in Social Media : Social media is a great tools to search information and expand your social circle. Theres a lot influencers who have many followers. Usually, they already have their own unique style and become social trend. So try to learn what they wear, what product they wore ? Are there many people who loves it ? If so, you can just follow them. Make them your experiment resources.


  • Visit a Famous Town Which Known For Their Style : This will be a fun and awesome way. You will meet a lot of cool and confident people who looks. You will be surprised and wonder, how can they design their own style like that. And there's a big chance you will have new friends at there. So many benefit you can gain doing this, not only a research to create your own style.


Now you know how to get useful resources. Time to move your a** off into action.


Write Down All Ideas


Yeah, I know it sucks. But it really helpful. Our mind always jump around from an idea into another idea.

If you don't write it down, you either forget about it or worse, become stress and anxiety. It supposed to be fun, so brainstorms your ideas into your journal.

I'm sure, your journal will give you so much benefit sooner or later.


Pick Some Idea That Interest You


Supposed you already have a lot of ideas written in your books. Now sorted out the best ideas you think you can do now and AFFORDABLE.

Really, even you have the most awesome or mighty ideas, it just a mere fantasy if you can't implemented it to the real world. So accept your situation first.


Setting Up Action Plan And Do It For Real


Consider your situation now. Get things done one by one, step by step. Be patience with yourself. Stop thinking all at once ( Like myself ! I guess, yeah it make a bit stressed ).

Execute your plan nicely with comfortable pace. Prioritize what you think the most important to do.

If you think your hair is a bit messy and not exactly like what you want, go to barber shop. Pick your idea about your hair which planned before in your journal. Dont forget to care your hair health and cleanliness too.

Do a similar approach with what your shirts. What watches product that good for your combination ? What should you do with your pants. You know it when you do it.


Be Yourself And Loves Your Work


Now you already understand to makes your looks unique. You are ready to show your style to people around you.

What you need to do now is, build courage and self-confidence as your biggest foundation. So people would love to follow your style.

Love your works, even it not works for the first time. You will get better if you do it consistently. Be open and learn every feedback you get from people who supports you. Ignore people whom over criticize you.

Be proud, because you are one step closer to become one of a trendsetter.


Expand Social Circle


This is important part to be a trendsetter. Have a wider social circle means more people whom knows you. The more people knows you, the more easy they get influenced by your style.

Go out a lot. Be kind to people. Makes friends little by little. Enjoy it without the need to show off. Let them see whats in you.

Use social media to get in touch with them. But I think meet them flesh by flesh is the best choices. Make a good fun memories and something valuable with your friends.

Sooner or later, you will realize that you are popular. Theres is a big chance they will follow your style and get influenced.


Stay Consistent To Wear Your Outfit


It doesn't mean you wear a same outfit everyday. Just another variation of your style. Keep wear it with proud and confidence.

Upload to your social media of your new style. Dont change into another style until you already good with one style. You know you can always create a new one.




Keep try until you get what works for you. There will be a trial and error but don't worry about it.

You will get better and better. When you already get used to this, your idea and creativity will expand.

Sooner or later you will create fresh and unique style on your own easily.

Perhaps after you get this skill, you can create your own product.

Who knows if you can make a new market, and become a trendsetter ( or designer ) who can affected the whole world of fashion.

It start with your idea. Are you ready for that ?















Most Effective Guide To Create Your Own Trend And Become a Trendsetter

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